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Get certified as a Social Change Ambassador


Get certified as a Social Change Ambassador and be the change you want to see in your workplace.

The AAUW Equity Network Social Change Ambassador Program offers seven weeks of virtual learning, networking and community-building with changemakers from across the country. We’ll help you learn to recognize and challenge workplace practices that sideline and exclude people of marginalized identities. Together, we will explore our individual and collective power to improve the work environment and challenge harmful and exclusionary workplace practices.

When you complete the program, you’ll earn a certificate as a workplace Social Change Ambassador that you can use on your resume and LinkedIn profile. You’ll also expand your professional network.

Registration is currently closed, but check back soon for more information on upcoming sessions. 

Congratulations to the following twelve change-makers from Hawaii!

They were awarded by AAUW of Hawaii and AAUW Honolulu to get certified as a Social Change Ambassador and be the change they want to see in the workplace.  

JesusaJesica Au
Sabra Della-Lucia
Jennifer Dotson
Sharon Heitzenroder
Autumn Raine Hesia
Susannah Lee Kandikatti
Samatha Larson
Atalina Pasi
Laura Viana
Trisha Kehaulani Watson
Joyce Yamada
Vera Zambonelli

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