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History of AAUW


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AAUW Honolulu began over a century ago with a small band of women college graduates who sought to “promote the ideals of higher education”. Building upon this legacy, today’s AAUW Honolulu seeks a broader mission and purpose. Through community partnerships, programming, and scholarship and grant opportunities, AAUW Honolulu strives to advance gender equity throughout our island home.


In 2020, as the country reflected on the roots of systemic racism, we too examined our organization’s history and relationship with the community. The outcome of these discussions was the honest realization that by asking questions and listening deeply we can make our impact even stronger. This year AAUW Honolulu has secured a consultant to help us explore relevant issues surrounding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Our goal is to better understand the barriers that women in Hawai’i face and how AAUW Honolulu can use its resources to engage and support all local women.

As we approach this work, AAUW will be examining its programs and offerings through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens, including:

  • Career and Leadership Development Grants

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

  • Tweet Coleman Aviation Scholarship

  • Social Media, Communications, and Marketing

  • Membership Engagement Activities (Talk Story Tuesday, Equity Network, Book Club)

  • Community Partnerships (Girls Talk Back, UH Internship Program)

We invite you as an AAUW Honolulu supporter to join us as we reflect and commit to broadening our scope of impact among the women of our community. As always, we welcome your feedback and participation. Please email us at to learn more about how AAUW Honolulu is working to support equity for all and how you can be a part of the process.

About: DEI
About: Officers & Board Members

Officers and Board Members

AAUW Honolulu Branch is an all volunteer organization.  Without the dedication of these volunteers, we could not provide much needed scholarships, grants, and programs to empower women and girls of Hawaii.  Thank you to our awesome volunteers!

Hope Bennett, President

Hope Bennett


Anna Viggianno

Anna Viggiano


Jean Evans

Jean Evans


Younghee Overly

Younghee Overly

Interim Finance Officer

Headshot_Lam, Valerie 2018-COLOR_edited-cropped.jpg

Valerie T. Lam


Governing and Planning Documents

Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation as of 6/28/22

Articles of Incorporation are a set of formal documents filed with the IRS to legally document the creation of a corporation.

Amended and Restated Bylaws as of 6/28/22

Bylaws are the governing rules set by the corporation.

Governing and Planning Documents

Barbara Bumatay, Co-Chair

Elizabeth Kiefer, Co-Chair

Jean Evans, Past Chair

Anna Viggiano

Anne Abaya
Marcia Armstrong

Carolyn Alexander
Hope Bennett
Karen Chen

Tweet Coleman, Founder
Nobi Buntin, Chair
Janet Morse, Past Chair

Linda Weiland

Brittany Kahawai

Carol Riley

Hope Bennett, Chair
Hokulani Garcia
Ana Malia Kia
Denise Pierson
Jennifer Nafarrete
Ewa Washburn-Repollo

Atina Pascua, Director at UHM and Co-Chair

Denise Pierson, Advisor at KCC and Co-Chair
Susannah Lee Kandikatti

Ryan Lashlee

Eileen Liu

Lily Cappello

Jason Nichols

Shayni Mirafuentes

Kay Yogi

Carolina Suhré

Anna Viggiano,

Younghee Overly

Leela Bilmes Golfstein

Scott Nishimoto

Ashleigh Loa


Communication Team

Younghee Overly, Chair
Jean Evans

Anna Viggiano

Candice Min (consultant)

Eileen Liu, Intern

Lily Cappello, Intern

Willow Hutchison, Intern

Finance Team

Younghee Overly, Interim Finance Officer

Hope Bennett

Younghee  Overly

Leela Bilmes Goldstein

Grace Arends

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