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Dear Members and Supporters, 

Welcome to a new year with AAUW Honolulu! Although most of our in-person events remained on hold for the 2021-2022 year, our Branch continued to actively pursue our purpose of securing gender equity throughout the islands. Here’s a look at some of what we accomplished with your support:  

  • In addition to funding five new budding pilots through the Tweet Coleman Scholarship, AAUW Honolulu granted a total of $52,000 to sixteen undergraduate and graduate students for the upcoming fall/spring semesters. A highlight of the process was a new application category for non-traditional undergrads (those who are not attending college straight out of high school). Look out for their stories of persistence and passion in our upcoming posts. 

  • After reviewing over 100 applications, the Engagement Team granted over $23,000 to women seeking to professionally advance in a variety of careers, from captaining boats to providing culturally appropriate care for pregnant women. We’ll be sharing the accomplishments of our 15 awardees throughout the year.

  • The AAUW at UH Manoa Intern Program continued to provide valuable learning experiences for nine students, offering the opportunity to gain important professional skills in a supportive environment. We’re grateful for the team’s work on our Branch’s social media and newsletter outlets, as well as their engaging programs for the on-campus community and the community at-large. Check out their website for recordings of some of their past events, including workshops on anti-racist parenting and rights for tenants. 

And here’s a preview of what we’re looking forward to in 2022-2023:

  • Live programming! Plans are in the works for small group experiences aimed at creating connections across generations and professions. Stay tuned for updates on the Tapestry Program, which will focus on service learning, as well as a Women’s Circle, which will bring together working professionals to empower and support one another. 

Your contributed time, effort and passion is at the heart of our organization. Please reach out to hear more about the various ways you can participate in uplifting the women of our community! 

We look forward to seeing you soon, 

Hope Bennett
President, AAUW Honolulu Board of Directors

Hope Bennett

Equal Pay Day

"AAUW is fighting to close the gender pay gap for all women of Hawaii...
Two centuries is too long of a wait for equality."

- AAUW Honolulu President

Letter from the Board President
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