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Nobi Buntin


Trailblazing the Skies

The Tweet Coleman Aviation Scholarship was created to give women in the state of Hawaii an opportunity to obtain a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Pilot Certificate. The recipient of this scholarship will be able to purchase aviation study manuals, ground school training and flight training. Advancing the work of others is a cause close to home for Tweet, who in 1991, founded a scholarship for women in aviation. Hailed by Tweet as her greatest accomplishment, she established this fund over three decades ago. She further supports women from the state of Hawaii in pursuing and achieving their dream of becoming a pilot, a dream both she and one of her daughters have had the pleasure of realizing. Her daughter, Jenny Coleman Michiels is a pilot for FedEx Airlines. 


  The Tweet Coleman Aviation Scholarship Team is managed by Nobi Buntin, a previous recipient of the Tweet Coleman Aviation Scholarship and a member of AAUW Honolulu since 2018. Nobi and the team members are dedicated to helping the women in Hawaii who aspire to be airline pilots.

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