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In 1905, the founders of the College Club, the organization that would become AAUW Honolulu, wrote that their founding principle was to promote “the higher ideals of education among women”. Women were a rarity in undergraduate classes, and even more so in graduate-level courses.


Though more than 60% of college graduates are now women, they face barriers and biases throughout their schooling and employment - making it difficult for many women to attain economic security. For example, women still get just 83 cents for every dollar paid to a man, and men continue to dominate the leadership roles and highest-paying professions.


AAUW Honolulu offers scholarships, grants, networking opportunities, and leadership development programs for high school and UH students. We also award women in Hawaii grants to participate in selected programs offered by the AAUW national. We promote inclusiveness and strives to reflect the diversity of the island in its general membership, board and program participants. We recognize that our commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity is imperative to our mission and greatly enriches the effectiveness of our programs.

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