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MidWeek, Proof Positive: AAUW Helps Close the Local Gender Pay Gap

By Jennifer Li Dotson, recipient of AAUW's Honolulu Fall 2018 Career and Leadership Development Grant

Nationally, women make 20 percent less than men on average. We are paid less and face a lack of representation in management. According to research less than 29 percent of executives in the U.S. are women.

AAUW Honolulu seeks to end the gender gap and uplift women in the workplace with its Career and Leadership Development Grant. These grants cover costs for women that are related to conferences, meetings, seminars and certifications, as well as women in academia to present their research.

I became an AAUW member when I was selected as a beneficiary of the AAUW Honolulu Fall 2018 Career and Leadership Development Grant. It allowed me to attend AFP ICON 2019, the world's largest annual international conference for the Association of Professional Fundraisers, held this past spring in San Antonio.

I learned how to amplify and magnify my fundraising skills, which increases vital resources for the nonprofit organizations I'm involved with, such as Seagull School and Hawai'i Mothers Milk.

The grant also happily coincided around the same time that I became the newly appointed vice president of philanthropy for National Kidney Foundation of Hawai'i. It gave me specific tools and knowledge to combine my passion for raising critical funds needed to help the one in three people at risk for chronic kidney disease in Hawai'i and boost efforts to complete the final stages of a $15 million state-of-the-art facility aimed at tackling the crisis of Hawai'i's kidney failure rate.

I also found out that AAUW advances its mission of eliminating gender-based wage disparity when I was invited to join the amazing Work Smart committee, which provides free salary negotiation workshops in our local community to teach women how to ask for a raise and make their case as to why they deserve it.

The next Work Smart will take place at the Wahine Working Smart event, slated for 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Nov. 16. Sign up to join us in person or complete the Work Smart online program at no cost to you or your friends.

AAUW hopes to eliminate the gender wage gap by 2030. IT's an ambitious goal, but together, we can do it!


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