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Raven Sevilleja

Funny enough, I am pretty busy with my caseload and the shortage of prosecutors we have, but I do my best to make volunteering in my community for various passions of mine a top priority. There is only so much time, and so much more to do.

A lot of what I do in my career gives me a sense of purpose, but I find that giving back in areas where I have been passionate and excited about in the past really puts things into a healthy perspective for me. Feminism and awareness of women’s issues, mental health and wellness advocacy, and representation as a Filipina-American (and all the dimensions that come with that, like being a daughter of immigrants and first in my generation to make it through university and law school) are just a few areas of my life that I consistently want to improve upon, grow, and learn to be better, overall. That requires an investment of time and resources that I’m more than willing to give. I was taught to always pay homage to one’s roots, and I would not have the joy of living the life I have today if it weren’t for the people that stepped up in my life so that I could have a platform that I too could stand on. In short, volunteering my time to a cause (or causes) alongside like-minded people is the absolute least I can do. I thoroughly enjoy my career in public service, and that dedication to our community extends to my private life beyond being a prosecutor. I truly want to be of service, and I’m hopeful my unique experiences and skills can be useful to someone, somewhere! I’m very enthusiastic about your goals and vision for AAUW, and I’d love to learn from others on how we can make your ideas a reality.

I can’t wait to meet the AAUW members!


Raven Sevilleja is a new member of AAUW Honolulu. She serves as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the City and County of Honolulu and is a graduate of UH Manoa.


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